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DAMION Prosecutor Features & Modules

DAMION Prosecutor's design provides a system that is efficient in its use and offers a wealth of features that meet the requirements of every prosecutor's office. Its module design allows prosecutor offices to select only those modules that are relevant to their operation.

Case Tracking & Management Functions - DAMION provides the ability to track any type of case a prosecutor's office handles, from criminal misdemeanors to felonies, adult to juvenile, asset forfeiture, welfare fraud investigation, and a variety of other civil and social/family law matters. User-defined criteria, however, allows offices to establish the unique parameters of their case tracking. Integrated Victim/Witness and Investigations modules enable offices to manage all aspects of a case using the same application.

Web Enabled -  DAMION is fully web-enabled and allows users to access the application using industry-standard browsers such as Internet Explorer. An application server translates the same windows as are used in client-server mode, thereby providing a common look-and-feel, regardless of access method.

Integrated Document Production - DAMION's document production (management and generation) function is tightly integrated with Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect. This allows new clients to use any legacy documents with DAMION and all clients to use industry-standard word processors to develop and maintain their library of document templates.

Navigation - Once inside the DAMION application, the user can easily navigate using either the mouse or keyboard. A series of keyboard shortcuts allows users to move quickly from one screen to another without taking their hands off the keyboard. The user is also able to move from window to window without exiting the active workspace by clicking on buttons to launch additional windows. The use of tabs on the windows helps to organize the information.

Also available from the both the Adult and Juvenile Criminal Launch Pads are Report and Case Navigator icons. Once a report of case has been retrieved, the user is presented with a Microsoft Windows Explorer-like form, which allows for quick access to different parts of the record, and for easy moves/adds/changes of information on suspects/defendants, witnesses, events, victims and charges.

System-wide Person Lookup Facility - DAMION's General Person Lookup System (GPLS) allows a user to look up an individual's name and immediately determine what their involvement has been in any criminal, civil, social, victim/witness or investigative case. Soundex and wild card searches are provided to locate names using inexact spellings or partial spellings.

Team Security - Team Security allows prosecutors to protect or hide any case or portion of a case and to select which 'team' members will have access to the protected information. Teams can be dynamically created and recreated as needed.

Events & Calendaring - Extensive support is provided for managing and tracking key actions and events. Features include:

  • Full integration with desktop calendars such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Automatic victim notification via events
  • Smart events create other key events
  • Speedy trial tracking

Management & Operational Reports - DAMION is installed with a variety of management and operational reports, including:

  • Defendant history
  • Key dates by court
  • Speedy trial
  • Attorney calendar
  • Attorney tickler

Ad Hoc Reporting - Each DAMION module has an easy-to-use ad hoc report function that allows users to create and save their own reports. A Dynamic Layout version provides the ability to create columnar information reports, while the Dynamic Summary version is used to create statistical reports.

Application Administration - Application Administration functions are built into DAMION using an intuitive user interface. No programming or other technical skills are required to fully maintain DAMION.

The Criminal Case Processing module provides a complete criminal case tracking and management function. Its purpose is to allow prosecutors and legal support staff at the attorney's office (City, County, District or State) to collect and organize data on all criminal cases during their entire life cycle. It covers all of the functional areas of criminal case management with separate modules for Adult and Juvenile cases.


  • Integration with General Person Lookup System (GPLS). Personal information is stored once and shared among all modules. The GPLS enables the user to maintain detailed tracking of personal data, address history, aliases, gang history, relatives, serious priors and strikes.

  • Event Management and Notification. The event management function allows the user to maintain chronological history and to produce ticklers, email reminders, and schedule events in your desktop calendar. This feature also enables notification of victims/witnesses, document generation and trial dates tracking with Speedy Trial.

  • Document production, storage and tracking. Document templates integrate with Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect. Case information is merged into charging documents, briefs, subpoenas, contracts, motions, victim notification, arrest warrants, search warrants and any other type of document.

  • Freeform Comments. Comment and note fields allow basic text entry of up to 2,000 characters, or unlimited with OLE object embedding for word processing, graphics, etc.

  • Extensive Search Capability. The Search feature allows retrieval of persons and cases based on a wide variety of criteria, including wild card and Soundex searches.

  • Reporting Tools. The system is installed with over 60 predefined standard reports, while many more can be created using the integrated ad-hoc report writer.

  • User Customization. All agencies have processes that are unique to their office. DAMION's flexibility acknowledges those differences by providing user-definable code tables for extensive customization.

  • Discovery. Eliminate the need to ship boxes of discovery material by using the multimedia electronic DAMION Discovery module. With Discovery, you can simply ship compact discs or DVD's containing all of your discovery items that are associated with the case - all Bates-stamped; all documents, video and audio clips copied; nothing goes missing and no more motions for continuance.

  • Legal Support and Research. This feature allows the user to retrieve file material, an attorney's opinion or a law book. Components of this module include Legal Opinion Index Research, Legal Briefs and Memorandum Index, Correspondence Reference, Title/Plat Opinion, Law Library, Legal Support Reporting.

  • Speedy Trial - User-defined business rules allow prosecutors to track trial due dates for cases where time has not been waived. Users can define rules to differentiate between felony and misdemeanor cases, to change defendants' custody status, and to crate events having an impact on the clock, such as motions for competency. A Speedy Trial retrieves details on cases due in court within a time frame defined by the user.

  • Plus many more features including:
    • Person Merge allows elimination of duplicate person records.
    • Prosecutor Case Transfer eases the process of reassigning cases.
    • Vehicle Information includes data for vehicles involved in case.
    • Tracking of Lab Tests for drugs, alcohol or DNA.
    • Attorney Case Distribution for case assignment, in context of attorney's caseload.

The DAMION Prosecutor Juvenile Module, in nearly all aspects, is like the Prosecutor Adult Module. The primary difference is that when a juvenile is first entered in the the system, they are given a file number. The file number is used to track the juvenile throughout their involvement in the system as a juvenile.

Security is in place at many levels. This includes login and password functions, which allow or deny access to the entire Juvenile Module. Other security in place includes the setting of permissions through team-based security. Team security allows certain people to be assigned as a member of a team and only those team members may view the case or a portion thereof. Most windows within the Juvenile Module include a Team field; therefore, access to information about a Juvenile can be controlled on a window-by-window basis.

Security mechanisms also limit access from the Juvenile tab to the General Person Lookup System (GPLS) window to any information about the juvenile except their person information. This information is accessible so that it can be used to link the juvenile to an adult case as a defendant, victim or witness. However, only those who have been given access to the Juvenile Module will have the ability to view information juvenile cases.

The DAMION Civil Case Processing Module administers the file and case management process of the civil counsel or division in any prosecutor's office by automating its principal functions and responsibilities.

Civil matters in DAMION are classified into multiple categories from which a variety of functions can be accessed. These categories include:

  • Asset Forfeiture

  • Tax Court and Tax Delinquency

  • Administrative

  • Workers Compensation

  • General Litigation

  • Claim Administration

  • Eminent Domain

  • Consumer Fraud


All Civil matters begin with the most basic information that defines the file and identifies its attributes. By assigning a category and sub-category to the file, the user can define the case type.

The user has the ability to link an unlimited number of individuals to a case, including witnesses, interested parties, etc. The individuals are linked through the General Person Lookup System (GPLS).

DAMION Civil also allows for the tracking of employees involved in a case, as that may affect the handling or the outcome of a case. Additionally, the names of attorneys representing an individual on a case, and evidence associated with a case may be tracked.

A Loss and Reserve function tracks loss and reserve amounts concerning certain claims and litigation files. Maintenance of this information assists in budgeting and auditing purposes.

A prominent feature of the Civil Module is the ability to track information regarding Asset Forfeiture claims. The Civil Module maintains information about the plaintiff, claimant/potential claimant, and the distributees. The Asset Forfeiture case worksheet also has direct integration to the Criminal case from which the asset forfeiture initiated.

DAMION supports the Contract Administration function by maintaining information on the contract profile. A Contract Routing function provides for the tracking of a contract at any phase of its lifecycle. A Contract Assembly feature allows the basic contract to be transferred to document production, where it is assembled using information contained in the database.

DAMION allows users to link files that are connected to each other in the same way as companion cases. This helps the user to locate files that have a special relationship quickly and easily.

A function is also available to create a cross-index between one or many files. For example, a cross-index of carpal tunnel syndrome may be entered for Worker's Compensation cases.

DAMION also assists the civil division in keeping track of the time spent or of the various expenses incurred on a case. This information is valuable for budgeting, auditing or billing.

As with other DAMION modules, the Civil module allows for the production of legal documents and provides extensive reporting capabilities.

The DAMION Social module automates the principal social service functions of a prosecutor's office.

Social matters under DAMION are classified into multiple categories from which a variety of functions can be accessed. These categories include:

  • Child in need of Protection or Services
  • Paternity
  • Welfare Fraud
  • Administrative
  • Child Support
  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship

All social matters begin with the most basic information that defines the file and identifies its attributes. By assigning a category and a sub-category, the user can define the file.

The user has the ability to link an unlimited number of individuals to a case, including witnesses, interested parties, etc. The individuals are linked through the General Person Lookup System (GPLS).

Welfare Fraud case worksheets are a significant subsection of the social module and track information including the type of welfare fraud and the individuals involved in the case. The Welfare Fraud capability also tracks more detailed information on the welfare fraud program that was violated and on lost or stolen check/cash including:

  • Type of program (e.g. Aid to Families),
  • Amount of over issue or lost/stolen check,
  • Police report number,
  • Recommendations and outcome.

Other features associated with the DAMION Social module include:

  • The ability to link files that are considered companion files.
  • Creating cross indexing between a file and another document or between a file and printed material.
  • Tracking the time spent on a case or the various expenses incurred during the case proceedings.
  • The ability to track the attorney or attorneys that are representing a party or person involved in a case.
  • For cases in which evidence is seized, important information regarding the evidence may be recorded.
  • Tracking events associated with the case.

Some benefits of using the DAMION Social module include:

  • Quick report generation through Ad Hoc feature and Standard Reporting.
  • Ability to capture additional pertinent information related to social cases using unstructured comment fields.
  • Flexibility of information recording through the use of note fields to attach multi-media objects including documents, pictures, audio files, etc.
  • Increased accountability through audit of time and expenses related to cases.
  • Faster production of legal documents through the integration of Case processing with document production, without duplicate data entry.

DAMION's Victim/Witness Module provides expanded services for victims and witnesses. The module is used to assign, maintain and track services provided for victims and witnesses of existing criminal cases, as well as cases that are opened by the Victim/Witness Group in advance of a criminal case.

The DAMION Victim/Witness module is tightly integrated with the DAMION Prosecutor Module. This provides the prosecutor's office with the ability to request services from the Victim/Witness Unit.

The information tracked in the Victim/Witness Module is designed to support the types of reports required by government agencies and agencies providing grant funding. As a separate module, the Victim/Witness Module supports the level of confidentiality that is required.

A Confidential Address Tab is available where the victim's actual address is stored. Only individuals with permission to access the Victim/Witness Module will have access to this address. On the Address Tab in the DAMION Prosecutor Module, the words "Care of Victim/Witness Unit" will replace the actual address for the victim.

Additional information tracked using the Victim/Witness Module includes:

  • Special needs of individuals involved with a Victim/Witness case, i.e., if an individual is elderly or has a terminal illness.
  • Grants requirements tracking is available in the processing of the case.
  • The name of the agency from which a case, victim or witness has been referred.
  • The name(s) of the Suspect/Defendant associated with the case.
  • Tracking of Derivative Cases.
  • Recording of crime types associated with the case.

In addition to the many features offered by the DAMION Victim/Witness module, some benefits include:

  • The ability to secure sensitive information and to provide access only to those individuals granted the appropriate security clearance.
  • Quick and easy access to statistical information needed for reporting functions.
  • Integration with the General Person Lookup System, thereby lowering the amount of data entry necessary to maintain case information.
  • Automated document production functions so that documents may be created and generated quickly and easily by any member of the staff.
  • Integration with email and calendaring systems allows for events to be scheduled directly to a calendar or for a reminder to be emailed to the appropriate people.

The DAMION Discovery Module provides the prosecutor's office with an easy to use electronic discovery tool that increases office productivity and significantly decreases the hours spent preparing discoverable information required for disclosure.

Its purpose is to give prosecutors and their support staff an efficient tool with which to collect, annotate and organize discoverable information, and to place that information into a format that is electronic, portable and convenient.

DAMION Discovery includes a Media Manager, or archive function, in which all files associated with the report or incident, are stored. This includes items such as:

  • Scanned documents
  • Video clips
  • Photographs
  • Word processing documents
  • System generated documents
  • Audio clips

Once the report or incident has been reviewed, and the decision to file charges has been made, the archived items and documents can easily be selected and included in the Discovery package.

Additional features associated with Discovery include:

  • Complete integration with the DAMION Prosecutor Module allowing a user, given the appropriate security access, the ability to view a linked criminal case, if applicable.
  • The ability to add an unlimited number of items and files to a record, for example, multiple photographs of a crime scene.
  • The ability to convert items and documents into a PDF format making them accessible to anyone.
  • Discovery package tracking options.
  • Archive and Collection Logs to maintain a record of progression.
  • Folder sealing options for the security of documents and items.
  • Team security functions allowing for the securing of records or a portion of a record.
  • Automatic page numbering (Bates Stamping) eliminates the need for manually numbering stacks of pages that may be associated with a discovery packet.

Automating the discovery process can have several benefits for a prosecutor's office, such as:

  • Reducing the manual handling of discovery documents, thereby saving time and money.
  • Reducing time spent making physical copies of discoverable information.
  • Reducing or eliminating the cost for reams of paper.
  • Eliminating error in transmitting discovery material.
  • Create a discovery package once and transfer the information onto a disk, CD, or DVD whenever necessary.
  • The package tracking feature allows the prosecutor or support staff the ability to enter all tracking information for a package, such as when the package was created, when it was sent to the Public Defender or Defense Attorney, and by what method it was sent.
  • Quick and easy access to all items or documents associated with a case online with a click of a button.