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Damion Shield RMS Software

DAMION Shield is a complete solution that addresses a wide range of requirements for any law enforcement office from Records Management to Intelligence Records Management. DAMION Shield is a true commercial off-the-shelf solution that can be easily adapted to each office's unique environment through its many built-in features, such as: user definable code tables, document templates, field labels, screen names, window views, etc. Its design provides a system that is effective in its use and offers a wealth of features that meet the requirements of every law enforcement office.

DAMION Shield provides the ability to track any type of case or incident that an office handles, from Case/Incident tracking (including Intelligence records) to Patrol Log entries and Document Services. User-defined criteria, however, allow an organization to establish the unique parameters of their case or incident processing.

Once inside the Shield application, the user can easily navigate using either the mouse or keyboard. A series of keyboard shortcuts allows users to move quickly from one screen to another without taking their hands off the keyboard. The user is also able to move from window to window without exiting the active workspace by clicking on buttons to launch additional windows. The use of tabs on the windows helps to organize the information.

DAMION Shield provides special repositories of information on individuals and entities, address, and properties. Because any one of these may come into contact with the database through Case/Incident record, Patrol Logs, etc., DAMION Shield provides a central location for each type of record. This central database tracks and maintains information for all individuals, entities, address or properties associated in any way with a record in the system.

DAMION Shield's document production function is tightly integrated with Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect. This allows new customers to use any legacy documents with DAMION Shield and all customers to use industry standard word processing to develop and maintain their document library.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of the information handled by law enforcement, DAMION Shield has put into place a sophisticated security hierarchy protecting information at various levels.

DAMION Shield is installed with numerous different management and operational reports including:

  • Incident Crime Report
  • Crime Statistics
  • Hate Crimes
  • Traffic Violations - Citations
  • Crime Activity by Reporting District

Each DAMION Shield module also has an easy-to-use ad hoc report function that allows users to create and save their own reports. A Dynamic Layout version provides the ability to create columnar informational reports, while the Dynamic Summary version is used to create statistical reports.

Application Administration functions are built into DAMION Shield using an easy to use forms interface. No programming or other technical skills are necessary to fully maintain the system.

A basic design concept of DAMION Shield is user-definable code tables that allow for extensive customization of the product. These code tables are maintained by the appropriate staff, typically the Application Administrator with the proper security clearance.

DAMION Shield is designed to be easily customized without having to involve programming staff. Block Customization is one feature available to the Application Administrator to define the DAMION Shield application in your organization.

The DAMION Shield system is broken out into two separate modules. The primary module is the DAMION Shield Records module. The second module is the DAMION Shield Intelligence module. Although these modules are tightly integrated in the respect that all Records files are accessible through the Intelligence module, the Intelligence module is highly secure with only a limited number of staff members who would be given access.