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DAMION Shield JMS Software

The DAMION Jail Management System (JMS) is a comprehensive system designed to meet the needs of county correctional and jail environments. DAMION Jail tracks and manages all the information through the entire life cycle of the incarceration from intake to release. Jail uses a philosophy of entering data once and using it many times. This philosophy ensures efficiency in entering, accessing and maintaining accurate information.

DAMION Jail is a true commercial off-the-shelf solution that can be easily adapted to each jail's unique environment through its many built-in features, such as: user definable code tables, document templates, field labels, screen names, window views, etc. Its design provides a system that is effective in its use and offers a wealth of features that meet the requirements of any jail facility.

DAMION Jail was developed through extensive consultation with our knowledgeable client base and the assistance of jail/correctional industry professionals. Built by professionals for professionals, DAMION Jail contains the following features and capabilities:

  • Comprehensive inquiry, search and retrieval
  • Complete prisoner records information and Case Administration
  • Intake/Booking
  • Property
  • Movements
  • Schedules
  • Trust Accounting
  • Legal Orders
  • Disciplinary Offense
  • Visitor Information
  • Shift Log
  • Medical & Mental Health Questionnaire

DAMION Jail was built to operate as a single facility system or to be used by an entire group of cooperative facilities. DAMION Jail integrates the information in a multi-facility environment so that inmate records can be shared and exchanged between member facilities.

DAMION Jail is built to be a stand alone system or to be a fully integrated module of Constellation Justice Systems' public safety records management system called DAMION SHIELD. DAMION Jail can also be implemented and integrated with your organization's unique records management system.

DAMION Jail is built with hooks to allow integration with the rest of the criminal justice community, including integration with:

  • Public Safety Records Management Systems (RMS)
  • Finger Printing Systems
  • Mug Shots
  • Victim Notification Systems (including V.I.N.E.)
  • Prosecuting Attorney Case Management Systems
  • State Detention Reporting Systems

Ease of Use - DAMION applications are easily navigated using icons and menu options. The use of tabs and windows helps organize information so it can be easily accessed and understood.

Staff Safety & Knowledge - Complete data on offenders, including full incident and case information, provide for better informed personnel, leading to increased safety for staff and the inmate population.

Control of Sensitive Data - Sophisticated control of access to information and robust security allow for the regulated access to sensitive information and data.

Effective Decision Making - With complete, timely information and links to all details related to a detainee, better case management decisions can be made.

Accurate Records - Detailed tracking of location and offender status provides management and staff with accurate population records.

DAMION Jail's document production function is tightly integrated with Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect. This allows new customers to use any legacy documents with DAMION Jail and all customers to use industry standard word processing to develop and maintain their document library.

DAMION Jail has incorporated comprehensive media management capabilities that allow for the attachment of most file types to an incident or case, including: documents, images, audio files and even video files.

Historically systems required extensive amounts of data input, but yet were notorious for limiting the information that could be extracted. Not any more…DAMION Jail has a full complement of standard reports and a powerful ad hoc report writer that allows the user to build custom reports quickly and easily. Report results can also be exported to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Application Administration functions are built into DAMION Jail using an easy to use forms interface. No programming or other technical skills are necessary to fully maintain the system.

A basic design concept of DAMION Jail is user definable code tables that allow for extensive customization of the product. These code tables are maintained by the appropriate staff, typically the Application Administrator with the proper security clearance.

DAMION Jail is designed to be easily customized without having to involve programming staff. Block Customization is one feature available to the Application Administrator to define the DAMION Jail application in your organization. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the information handled by law enforcement, DAMION Jail has put into place a sophisticated security hierarchy protecting information at various levels.